How to Manage & Tackle Difficult Tasks
How to Manage & Tackle Difficult Tasks

Some of you may know I am someone who hates mundane tasks (who doesn't?)!
The top tasks that I "hate" is accounting, paperwork, and folding laundry.

Running your own small business means you are unable to avoid doing accounts and tons of miscellaneous paperwork.

Recently I came across this article on shifting our mindset with gratitude. I always thought I am thankful for even the tiniest things in life, and yet this article gave me another insight.

Step 1:

Shift your mindset from "Have to" to "Thankful for"

So instead of thinking "I have to do this boring accounting work" to "I am thankful for this accounting work!"

Remove any negative words in your mind such as boring, hate, mundane, delay, etc

Shift to this mentality that "I am thankful that my small business is growing, thus I need to do this accounting work."

Eg: "I am thankful for the fresh laundry, and have the physical ability to fold and keep them."

I love doing laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, but folding clothes is my most dreaded chore!

Step 2:

Create a "To Do" list every day!

Apple users can use the Reminders app on their iPhones or MacBooks.

Every morning when I wake up, I will visualize the flow of my day:

  • Things I need to do
  • People I need to meet
  • What is my driving route going to be like
  • How my day will end

Then write down in the app, the tasks that need to be done. Check the boxes once completed.


Do this once a day, right before your day starts.

And that's it! 

Just these 2 little steps helped me so much in focusing better and completing all the tasks that I used to hate so extensively, even my accountants are scared of me. Lol!

I used to delay these tasks until the deadline draws closer. Panic starts to set in, feel edgy and stressed out when all these can be completely avoided!


I hope this little sharing help all of us - the procrastinators and ADHD peeps out there!




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