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At SGBrisketKitchen, we believe only in using wood and charcoal for all our smoked meats.

Everything is done "low and slow". 

Each of our smoked meats can take up to 20 hours to be smoked to perfection.

We do not use any gas or electric smokers.

And no cheating with Sous Vide. Everything is done from scratch!

Only the traditional way!

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vacuum sealed

SGBrisketKitchen Vacuum Sealed

We take utmost pride in our food safety and handling procedures. 

All our smoked meats are chilled to below 4Β°C (internal meat temperature) and vacuum sealed on the day after it has been smoked.

Our vacuum sealed meats are packed in an insulated foil pouch with ice pack and ready to be delivered to you!

Simply heat up by boiling it in the bag, or my personal preference - steaming. 

This ensures that the juices are retained in the meat and does not dry out.

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