How long can I keep the smoked meat for?

Our smoked meat are all vacuum sealed and can be kept for:

Chilled - 2 weeks in chiller (Between 0°C to 4°C)

Frozen - 8 months in freezer (-12°C and below)

Can I request for self pickup?

Yes, our self-pickup timing is every Saturday, 10am at Gambas Crescent. Do kindly drop us an email or message to arrange.

When is your delivery?

Our deliveries are every Saturday (11am to 3pm), there may be delays due to traffic and weather conditions.

I would like to order a whole slab of brisket! How can I do that?

Please feel free to email us or drop us a message on our social media platforms!

Can I preorder or do I have to wait every Tuesday (10pm)?

Currently, the only option is to order every Tuesday at 10pm directly from www.SGBrisketKitchen.com

Delivery will be on Saturday of the same week (11am to 3pm).

What can I pair your smoked meat with?

My favourite pairing is with garlic naan and kongbak bao (Lotus leaf bun).

You can also make some pasta with the pulled pork, korean ramen with brisket, tacos, burger sliders, brioche buns, etc.

Too many possibilities!

smoked brisket with kongbak bao

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