Umami Chunky Mashed Potatoes (300g)

Umami Chunky Mashed Potatoes (300g)



  • Not your usual buttery mashed potatoes.
  • Dairy-free mashed potatoes using only USA Russet potatoes.
  • Bite into umami-packed chunky mashed potatoes.
  • Experience the sweet, savoury and slightly spicy fluffy goodness.
  • You can never find this taste anywhere else in Singapore, or the world, as its created by Jayce to cut the “jelakness” out from the smoked meats and as a palate cleanser.
  • We only use fresh whole potatoes!
  • Consumed Chilled. No reheating required. Shelf life – 3 to 4 days. DO NOT FREEZE.

300g serves 2 to 3 pax

1 Portion = 300g

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500G, 1KG


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