What is Hot-Smoked Salmon?
What is Hot-Smoked Salmon?

Not only do I smoke briskets, pork, short-ribs, I also hot-smoke salmon from time to time.

What is Hot-Smoking?

Unlike cold-smoking, hot-smoking involves cooking food to a safe temperature over indirect heat and smoke. The smoke from the wood used in hot-smoking provides not only a smoky flavor to the food but also a beautiful color. Although uncommon, this hot-smoking method also kills any parasite worms in raw salmon/fish, thus it is safe for children and pregnant women.

Cold-smoked salmon, which is widely available in our local supermarkets, puts you at risk of tapeworm and Listeria infection.

Why I use fruit wood?

I chose my unique blend of lychee and apple wood for my hot-smoked salmon as it is lighter and milder than other types of wood. The fruity smoke enhance the flavor of the salmon, complementing its natural oils.

SGBrisket Hot-Smoked Salmon

Is Hot-Smoked Salmon fully cooked? Is it safe for pregnant women and children?

Yes, our hot-smoked salmon is fully cooked unlike cold-smoked salmon. Cold-smoked salmon, which is widely available in our local supermarkets, have risk of tapeworms and Listeria infection.

Bones may be present in the salmon.

What flavours do you have for your hot-smoked salmon?

I am always experimenting with flavours and taste profile! All these are my original creation and can't be found anywhere else!

  • Osmanthus & Maple Hot-Smoked Salmon
  • Whisky Hot-Smoked Salmon
  • Mango & Chili Hot-Smoked Salmon

Each of these flavours will take at least 3 to 4 months to experiment and to get it right!

Do I consume it chilled or warmed?

You can consume it both ways! For the whisky hot-smoked salmon, I recommend to consume it chilled for a stronger whisky taste profile. I personally prefer to consume all the hot-smoked salmon chilled or at room temperature.

How do you smoke it till it is so juicy!!

I appreciate your interest, but my smoking technique is something I prefer to keep private. All I can say I put in huge loads of hard work, trial and error!

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